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Grey Ghost Distortion V1.5


Watch a teaser video here!!

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The S&K Grey Ghost Distortion is our take on a classic opamp distortion with our own improvements. Tuned for 6 and 7 string lead and rhythm guitars in mind the Grey Ghost features an asymmetrical combination of LED and silicon clipping diodes. The active single knob provides a flat response at the middle of the potentiometer's rotation. Counter clockwise provides a slight high cut and a bass boost, with a massive bass boost at full CCW rotation. Clockwise rotation provides a slight low cut and high boost up to fill CW rotation.

Great as a stand alone distortion into a clean amp, or to punch up an already overdriven amp, The Grey Ghost is for fans of the classic Distortion plus and Rat distortions who are looking for something a little different. Controls include: Volume, Tone and Gain

Just 3 units will be produced at this introductory price of $100

Standard components include Wima film and Nichicon electrolytic Capacitors, Xircon metal film resistors, alpha potentiometers and Switchcraft jacks. Everything is housed in a 125B acid etched enclosure.

- True Bypass w/ red LED
- Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V
- Pedal board friendly Top-mounted jacks
- No Battery power option available.


We cannot offer refunds under any circumstances.
In the event your pedal was damaged in transit:
1. If it is within reason to repair (and the enclosure is not visibly damaged), please send the pedal back and it will be repaired at no cost.
2. If it is beyond repair, a claim will be filed with the shipping service and the pedal will be replaced once the damaged unit has been returned.
3. If it is lost in shipping, a claim will be filed with the shipping service and the pedal will be replaced once the claim is settled in your favor.

Every S&K pedal has a non-transferable lifetime guarantee for the original owner (a log is kept tying the original owners name to the serial number.)

Modifications of any kind, or performing self-repair (unless directed), will immediately void the warranty.