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ExMortis Fuzz

$100.00 / Sold Out

Necronomicon Ex Mortis, also know as The Book of the Dead...

Raise some dead of your own with the S&K ExMortis.
A modified muff design the ExMortis blends MOSFET and silicon transistors and LED clipping. This one knob design is set for maximum gain. A single volume control sets to overall output level. Dial it back to play well with other pedals on your board or dial it up to overdrive the front end of your amp.

*Pedals will be build as ordered. Please allow 3 weeks for shipment*

Standard components include Wima film and Nichicon electrolytic Capacitors, Xircon metal film resistors, alpha potentiometers and Neutrik jacks. All housed in a 1590bb enclosure with acid etched graphics.

- True Bypass w/ water clear red LED
- Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V
- Pedal board friendly Top-mounted jacks
- No Battery power option available.


We cannot offer refunds under any circumstances.
In the event your pedal was damaged in transit:
1. If it is within reason to repair (and the enclosure is not visibly damaged), please send the pedal back and it will be repaired at no cost.
2. If it is beyond repair, a claim will be filed with the shipping service and the pedal will be replaced once the damaged unit has been returned.
3. If it is lost in shipping, a claim will be filed with the shipping service and the pedal will be replaced once the claim is settled in your favor.

Every S&K pedal has a non-transferable lifetime guarantee for the original owner (a log is kept tying the original owners name to the serial number.)

Modifications of any kind, or performing self-repair (unless directed), will immediately void the warranty